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Founded in the late 1970s by a industrial jeweler, an  Latin American company that manufactures and distributes solutions in earlobe development systems and tools.

With the brands Perfur, Perfur Premium, Medi-System, Stericlip and Lobeflex, children, youth and adults, exclusive earrings, able to enhance the look and meet the most diverse styles. As well as safe and practical instrument

which make it possible to pierce with earrings and place them correctly.

Organizational Identity


To offer the safe and effective method of applying the earring, earrings, ear piercing apparatus, innovative products, services and cost and benefit in harmony with the real needs of the consumer, in addition to the essential preservation of the environment.


To be a world reference in quality and innovation in manufactured products and services, with 100% of work and national innovation and for its constant action in surpassing the expectations of consumers and customers.


  • Ethic;

  • Respect for our partners;

  • Merit to the integrity, capacity and attitude of those who support us in our Mission;

  • Tradition and quality in the products and services provided;

  • Financial, social and environmental sustainability.

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