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Unique, Perfur® equipment enables quick and comfortable piercing of the earlobes. There are two models, one suitable for the application of earrings in children (pink) and the other for adults (blue). For the professional applicator, both mean durability and excellent ergonomics, which results in total safety and practicality in the handling for long periods, without the need of exchange of warheads.
Perfur® produces the parts of the apparatus, pins and bolts of the earrings, the plastic pieces of the apparatus and the support of the earrings, makes surface treatment, deburring, polishing and brightening, nickel-free gilding, nailing and fixing Of crystals on earrings. It also produces the blister packs, sealing the primary and secondary packaging after sterilization.


  • Easy to use.

  • An earring model for each type of lobe, adult and child.

  • Ensure correct position and orientation of the hole in the earlobe.

  • Process performed in a tenth of a second (1/10 s): the perforation is almost painless.

  • Pin and the spindle without manual contact in the appliance.

  • Minimized the possibility of any occurrence of possible infection, provided the asepsis post-perforation instructions of the lobes were met.


  • First brand created (premium).

  • The earrings for this punch have a short pin (for children) and a long pin.

  • Each case has 2 sets, for 2 diameters of earrings.

  • The pen to mark the drilling is more ergonomic.

  • There is no need to change the warheads when piercing the ears.

  • Sold since 2002.

  • Only uses small punches in his punches.

  • Each case has 2 punch devices, for 2 earrings diameters.

  • Earrings pins are the same size (for children's and adult's earrings).

  • There is no need to change the warheads when piercing the ears.

  • Launched in the market in 2007.

  • Only 1 device in the case, which performs a type of drilling that accepts several pin patterns.

  • Just for big tap.

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